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Rainproof Camouflage Fabric


Tarpaulins (or tarpaulins) are high-strength, waterproof materials with a good degree of toughness and softness, often used as canvas (canvases), polyester with a polyurethane coating or made into polyethylene based plastics. Tarpaulins usually have strong loops at the corners or edges to facilitate the use of ropes for tying, hanging or covering.
Tarpaulins are usually divided into two main categories: coarse tarpaulins and fine tarpaulins.
Coarse tarpaulins are also known as tarpaulins, with a strong, fold-resistant fabric and good waterproofing properties, used for car transport and open-air warehouse cover as well as field tenting
Fine tarpaulin warp and weft yarns are used for making, labour protection clothing and its supplies. After dyeing, it can also be used as fabric for shoes, travel bags, backpacks, etc. In addition, there are rubber tarpaulins, shielding tarpaulins for fire prevention and radiation protection, and tarpaulins for paper machines.

Waterproof tarpaulins are usually used because the fabric used has been treated with a water-repellent treatment. The water-repellent treatment is actually a special layer of treatment that covers the surface of the fabric, usually added when the finished fabric is shaped, to obtain durable water-repellent properties. The advantage of using this treatment is that the surface layer does not absorb water, but ensures that the fabric can achieve good breathability.
Waterproof tarpaulins are of excellent quality, not easily deformed, faded, wear resistant and waterproof, and are widely used for all kinds of packaging, ship berths, docks, military facilities, freight yard tarpaulins, steel, cement, mining equipment cover cloths and all kinds of shaped equipment sets.

Mianyang Zhanyang tarpaulin Products Co., Ltd. was established on July 12, 2017, with more than 60 front-line production workers and 9 senior technicians. Since the establishment of the company, all the staff and staff make concerted efforts to focus on production and quality. The products are sold at home and abroad and widely praised by customers.
The company mainly produces PVC clip mesh cloth, double-sided coating cloth, flame retardant cloth, PE cloth...... The company will continue to build on the past and promote the excellent tradition and excellent technology to a higher level.
The company introduced advanced mechanical equipment, numerical control operation, the production of products with uniform texture, smooth texture, enhanced wear resistance and other advantages, the company selects high-quality plastic materials and other high-quality raw materials. The goal of our company has always been to produce products recognized by our customers.



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